Patrick McKee

Patrick has trained in martial arts and combatives for thirty years, including Systema since 2004. Patrick rose to the rank of Judan under the instruction of Masaaki Hatsumi- sensei and senior instructors in the Japanese art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.  Certified as a Modern Army Combatives Instructor, Patrick has also been privileged to train with top instructors in martial arts such as Kali, Aikido, Krav Maga and Western Martial Arts. He has been honored to have been chosen as an instructor for group and private lessons, teaching and learning from elite military and law enforcement personnel from around the world.

Mr. McKee has worked as a private investigator and executive protection agent for 20 years as president of his own licensed investigative and security corporation.  He is the graduate of three executive protection “bodyguard” programs, attended a police academy, a reserve officer program, a certified EMT program and many continuing education programs surrounding the use of force, tactical medicine, emergency vehicle operations, force on force, point shooting and more.

He now slogs away in the far more relaxing field of Hazardous Materials where he is a licensed contractor.

For over eight years, Patrick continues to serve in the California State Military Reserve, currently at the rank of E-6/Staff Sergeant, on the Small Arms Training Team (SATT) training National Guard soldiers in firearms and tactics on weapons platforms ranging from pistols on up to the fun stuff like the Ma Deuce and the Mk 19.

Juan Zazueta

Juan has been training in Systema since about 2005.  He has been a student and training partner of Patrick McKee’s since about 2000 and has a similar background in Japanese Martial Arts.  He has trained with most of the Systema practitioners in the greater SF Bay Area as both student and partner as well.  Along with Patrick, he continues to review the wealth of training material already available on Systema as well as attend seminars with some of the premier instructors in the western hemisphere in order to continue to refine and improve the training curriculum at San Francisco Systema.

San Francisco Systema